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There are e-mail support groups at:
Radix Consulting
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[Update: 15-Nov-2019] Support is now through the group wordperfectmac).
[Update: 27-Jul-2008] Leopard puts us in the same boat as the intel® Macs (see 28-Jul-2006 update). The SheepShaver package is the best way to go.
[Update: 28-Jul-2006] WordPerfect 3.5e works even better under Tiger. You can now print from classic to any OS X printer, just use the "LaserWriter 8" printer driver from the OS 9 Chooser.
Unfortunately the new intel® Macs do not run Classic, but you may be able to cobble something together using Basilisk II, SheepShaver or something.
The e-mail support groups can point you where to download the software. John Rethorst does a particularly good job running the group. You really must try out his AppleScript/WordPerfect macro extensions and tools.
[Update: 3-Nov-2003] If you can still find a copy of 3.5e, (the patched and re-patched version) it still works great under Classic and OS X (including Panther). See the WP-L e-mail list at for an excellant suport group.
[Update: 2-Sep-2001] Corel seems to be actively eliminating all possible download sites of Macintosh WordPerfect. It was fun while it lasted.
[Update: 10-Jun-2001] It looks like Corel's sweep is complete. I noticed that TuCows also pulled the free download about 3 weeks ago. It looks like the grass roots support group at is our last bastion against Bill.
[Update: 4-Apr-2001] Well, Corel finally pulled all mention of WordPerfect for Macintosh from their website. After making the latest version available as a free download in August of 1999 (or there about), it would appear that they are attempting to distance themselves from the product. Could this be in preparation for a Unix WP based product? Maybe, but that is speculation that I will not pursue here, because this page is dedicated to the product that was written for the Mac by Mac programmers. (OK, there was that 1.0-1.0.7 thing, but we repented already, haven't we?)
VersionTracker still mentions it, but indicates that they pulled it after Corel removed it from their site. The only place that I know you can still download it is from TuCows (search for "WordPerfect"). It does not contain any of the third party software (INSO conversions (JPEG, CMX, etc.), clip art, templates, or BitStream fonts). It is a 33 Meg. binhex download, so be prepared.
There is a problem with the Outliner in the free download. Once you download it you will want to get the "WordPerfect Download Outlining Fix" at: (in "John's Stuff:WordPerfect Download Outlining Fix) or Info-Mac
This will have instructions on how to make sure you have the latest outliner version.
It is also highly recommended that you download the unofficial patch ("WordPerfect Updater for OS 8 and 9") that contains a small number of bug fixes most notably a fix for scrolling speed and a fix for "dimming" menus (Styles and Windows) that became apparent in OS 8.5 and later. This will change your version number to "3.5e2ß0." It can be found on r8ix, VersionTracker or Info-Mac along with the full conversions folder. ("WordPerfect Conversions 2.0" Rename it to be "Conversions" and replace the one in the "WordPerfect" folder.)
Macros are a great way to extend the functionality of WordPerfect. John sent these sites as repositories of some user-written ones:
What about version 3.5?
Where are they now?
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