December 2007

Dear Family and Friends,
You're probably reading this after Christmas (and hopefully we're still in 2007), so we hope you enjoyed your Holiday, and, for that matter, this past year since we last wrote.
We've had a year of much happiness, as well as our share of sadness. After just a brief time of illness, Kevin's dad, John McCoy, passed away just after the new year, on January 8. We miss him dearly, but are comforted with the knowledge we can be with him again someday.
Now for the updates on us:
Kevin has been putting in a lot of hours at work at AccessData as they've been trying to get their latest & greatest product shipped. This has been bearable only because it's only been the last few months, and he hasn't had to do this for several years. And, we're probably still so happy that he has a job, the sacrifice doesn't seem so unreasonable. Kevin also was released from the Elder's Quorum Presidency and called to serve in the Primary as teacher of the Valiant 10 class. He's also pulling double duty as our Ward Choir President.
Dana is still serving in the Young Women's Presidency and is enjoying all the activities that entails. Girl's Camp is always a highlight of the year, and this year she was able to attend a 3-day Youth Conference Pioneer Trek in early June. She was also able to have her yearly get-away with two of her sisters (Vicci and Dena) in October. They spoiled themselves on a week-long Cruise to Mexico, visiting the ports of Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas. They did some snorkeling, city touring, saw the world-famous Cliff Divers, and tested their mettle on a Canopy Adventure - swinging, zip-lining, climbing and rappelling 1.1 miles through the tree-tops of the Sierra Madres (an hour out of Puerto Vallarta). In September Dana began a little part-time job caring for an elderly lady in our neighborhood. It has been very rewarding for her, and just the right fit for her schedule and skills.
Heather (19) is now in her second year at Arizona State University in Tempe. However, she's already a Junior. This year she changed her major from Journalism to English Lit., and is pursuing an interest in editing. (Too bad she won't be here in time to edit this letter! Update: Since we are so late in getting this published, Heather did get a chance to edit it.) She is also trying to find some employment to help her earn the money to participate in a Study Abroad program in Italy and Greece next summer. We're excited to have Heather and Kaity arrive on Christmas Day to spend some Holiday time with us.
Kaity (18) has had a big year; she graduated from High School at the end of May, and began college 6 weeks later - in July. She's a Freshman at the Art Institute of Phoenix, and is living near campus in an apartment she shares with a roommate. Though she had just a short break between graduation and college, she and Heather were able to come and spend a couple of weeks here with us, and we had two weeks of 'day' trips. We played 'tourists in our own town' (and surrounding towns in a 50 mile radius) as we hiked to Timpanogos Caves, rode the Alpine Slides in Park City, went to the Zoo, etc. For complete details, see this link.
Megan (8) is now a 3rd Grader! Wow, time is going by fast! This summer Megan turned 8 years old, and chose to follow our Savior by being baptized. It was a wonderful, spiritual experience to see her make this big commitment in her life. We are so proud of her. She has also enjoyed playing soccer, swimming lessons, and has recently joined the school's Orchestra, playing the violin. Megan also joined our Ward Choir (a big move for her), and sings in the Soprano section. Now if we could get Riley to sing Alto, we'd have all 4 parts covered in our home. (Mom's voice changed to the Tenor range after the babies came). Megan has many talents, and it's fun to see her excel in everything she does.
Riley (6) is in the 1st Grade, and totally loves going to school and playing with her friends. She, too, decided to join the Orchestra playing violin, but has since decided she'd like to pursue some other instrument (still to be determined). She wishes she could play the flute, and the guitar, so we'll just have to see what comes of that. She also enjoyed soccer this year, swimming lessons, and started T-Ball, till she broke her arm in June (at one of those family day trips to Seven Peaks Water Resort). Fortunately, she only had to wear a splint for 4 weeks, with a little Physical Therapy afterward to increase elbow joint mobility. Riley is a joy, and continues to provide the family with enough laughter to keep life light.
We're sorry this didn't go out to you sooner. Can we just use the ol' "You know how crazy life is at the Holidays?" excuse? But know that our tardiness does not reflect any negligence in our thoughts and appreciation for you, our wonderful family and friends. We thank God each day for the love and support you give us, and always pray for your happiness, too. May the Spirit of Christ in this Holiday of Celebration be with you and your loved ones throughout the coming year. We love you tons!
-Kevin, Dana, Heather, Kaity, Megan & Riley
The Family
w/ Santa